Dear 2017

september 9, 2019 _ 2_00 pm _ findlay residence.pngHey, babes! Today I’m back with another post… a post dedicated to the one and only, year 2k17. Sooo, y’all tomorrow is new years eve! What are you gonna be doing? Most of my friends actually sleep through it . . . Anywayss let’s cut to the chase and start; I know you all must be thrilled to read my letter- note the sarcasm- so let’s go ahead and get started.

Dear 2017,

I’m not gonna lie, you weren’t my best year.. but you weren’t my  worst either!… In the top yeah, but not the worst one. I mean.. 2016 topped you in that! In a way though, you were one of my best years. Because 2017, you were a year of growth. A year of learning how to appreciate what I have. A year of learning how to love myself. And a year of learning how to be strong and seek the good in life.

I started you weak, broken and confused. But I proudly say that I’m leaving you strong and happy. I started this year not thinking I was good enough. I started this year trying to change myself to be this perfect girl we see in movies and books that everyone absolutely adores. Something that is not me. Something that I don’t want to be. I’m leaving this year with the desire to be myself and myself only. To be someone that I want to be… to be comfortable in my own skin.

At the start of you, I cared about how people thought of me, I cared a lot. Now all I care about is how I think of myself and how happy I am with myself. I don’t care who hates me or why s/he hates me anymore. I don’t care who judges me. And I don’t care who leaves. Ya wanna leave? lemme hold the door open for you!

So thank you 2017. Thank you for teaching me how to walk away when it hurts. Thank you for teaching me how to cut off toxic people. Thank you for teaching me my value and worth. Thank you for ripping off the blindfold on my eyes and exposing things for what they really are. Thank you for teaching me to love my life even when it’s not at it’s best. Thank you for teaching me that I am golden. (hence hence.. the blog name! XD hehe sorry, I had to.)  Thank you for teaching me not to surrender to the darkness inside me. Thank you for teaching me how to look up and stay positive rather than look down and wallow in misery.

If I’m going to be a little more honest, I hoped for more adventures in you. But I did enjoy my time too. Not gonna lie, there were many memorable days that I cherish. Thank you for everything, 2017. Thank you for the chocolates. (can’t forget about chocolates now, can we?) Thank you for the long nights. Thank you for the music, I don’t think I could’ve survived without this one. Thank you for the wake up calls. . . even though they were probably one of my worst moments and most shocking. Thank you for the amazing people I got close to. Thank you for everything. Thank you for one my worst and best years. 2018, please don’t fail me.



Happy new year lovelies. ❤



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