100 reasons to be happy

100 reasons to be happy.pngHey hey hey! How is 2018 so far? I hope these last few days were good to you. For today’s post, I thought I would kick off the new year with some positive energy! Quick disclaimer: I know not everyone has the same privileges and some people don’t actually have some of the things I wrote but if you don’t I’m sure god is blessing you with something else that not everyone has. So without further ado, here are 100 reasons to be happy.

  1. You’re alive and you’re breathing.
  2. Your life isn’t a black & white movie. There are colours to make your day a little brighter. Trust me a life without colours is so depressing, just think about it.
  3. There are holidays, when people get together and spread love!
  4. SO!! MUCH!! FOR!! YOU!! TO!! DISCOVER!!
  5. Bike rides.
  6. Pancakes!
  7. Making new friends… I know some of you may not be sociable but still!
  8. So many Monuments to see.
  9. Boating!
  10. Trying out new things! Things that actually turn out to be fun.
  11. Beach walks.
  12. Chocolates!
  13. Car rides.
  14. Taking risks that get your heart beating fast and your grin widening.
  15. Rain!
  16. And snow but I’ve never witnessed a snowy sky…
  17. Music. Music. Music.
  18. Genuine laughs.
  19. People who laugh at your lame jokes.
  20. Fries. (Lol I’m mentioning food a lot in this post…)
  21. Going crazy every once in a while.
  22. So many countries/ cultures to discover!
  23. Sunrises.
  24. Sunsets.
  25. Cozy nights.
  26. Dancing.
  27. Fireworks!
  28. You could change something. You could change someone. For the better.
  29. Finally getting your summer vacation!
  30. Getting lost in a good book.
  31. Unless you don’t like reading… then getting lost in a good movie.
  32. Nature. Seas. Plants. Sunlight. Stars. Moon.
  33. Mornings.
  34. Or nights if you’re not a morning person. (Or afternoons!) (In my case it’s all three of them!)
  35. Yoga.
  36. Feeling fancy.
  37. Then again, nothing like being in some comfortable sweats.
  38. First times.
  39. Cartoons! (Don’t try to lie. I know you love ’em.)
  40. Baked goods.
  41. Candles!
  42. Birthdays.
  43. Relaxing after a long tiring day.
  44. Decorating!
  45. Having a passion.
  46. Smiling at a stranger.
  47. Outings with special people.
  48. Starbucks drinks! Or you know… just.. regular drinks.
  49. Family gatherings.
  50. Road trips.
  51. The proud feeling you get after seeing how your hard work payed off.
  52. Fairy lights.
  53. Cute comfortable pyjamas!
  54. Cookies.
  55. Cozying up when the weather is cold.
  56. Pets.
  57. Funky dances and songs.
  58. Confetti.
  59. Balloons.
  60. Posters!
  61. A goodnight sleep.
  62. Not being sick…
  63. Or staying home from school cause you’re sick.
  64. Plays.
  65. Sleepovers.
  66. Celebrations.
  68. Driving!. . . if you can.. I can’t.
  69. Different seasons.
  70. About time for the cliché but the real blessing. . . Family.
  71. The other cliche blessing. . . Friends.
  72. Taking pictures.
  73. Watching tv.. cause honestly.
  74. Painting.
  75. Meditation.
  76. Skating.
  77. Diys. (Even though I fail miserably at them..)
  78. Sports.
  79. Or shopping. (Or both)
  80. Travelling.
  81. Swimming.
  82. Photos.
  83. Having an outlet!
  84. Treating yourself.
  85. Waking up early. (Even if you’re like me and love to sleep in.)
  86. Going for random short walks. (Or long ones)
  87. Coming home to a made and clean bed. (Hint hint: make your bed in the morning)
  88. Saying yes more. You make memories!
  89. Adventures.
  90. Football games.
  91. Fridays. I love Fridays.
  92. Achieving your goals.
  93. Babies! (I love babies…)
  94. Playing with makeup. (Although you don’t need it and I certainly don’t like wearing it much in public but you gotta admit it’s fun.)
  95. Getting a summer job. (Cause although it can be tiring I think it would be really fun)
  96. Starry skies.
  97. Video games.
  98. Diners.
  99. The fact that we are all different. No two are the same and that is really a blessing. Can you imagine what a boring world it would be if we were all the same.
  100. People. People are the main blessings of life. Even though they suck sometimes… when chosen correctly, they are everything and more. Friendships, relationships, family and friends. How everyone you meet has an influence on your life; people change people.

And there you go!! 100 reasons to be happy.😃 See? It’s not that hard to find the good in life if you search hard enough. And plus, all the things I wrote were general so if you add those to your personal preferences, people you love and overall just everything good in your life, you’d be surprised by how amazing your life is and how grateful you should be.

Until next time,




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