Your life; your rules.

Hey there you lovely people of the internet! So I’m pretty sure you figured out what today’s post is about from the title. I know so many people talk about stuff like this- but it’s never enough, So I’m adding my voice to the stack. Quick suggestion if you don’t dislike listening to music while reading blog posts I highly recommend you listen to life by wens while reading this one.

So you probably have been held back from what you like or want to do because of other people’s doubts at some point of your life. Because they don’t approve. Because they decide that somehow your life is their property. They make decisions for you, form the rules and set your life depending on what suits them. Or at least they try to convince you and you just go along with it ’cause what if they’re right? But it’s your life, you form the rules. You decide your path. You keep or let go of who you want.

We all feel the pressure of making others happy at least once, even if it means being unhappy. We all doubt our choices. But you do you. Do what makes you happy. Do what feels right. Because in the end, you most likely will not remember the people you spent ages trying to please, you will only remember how many times you went crazy. How many times you did what you want despite everyone else not getting it. How many times you made a difference. How many times you stood out.

So for once, forget what your friends want, forget what your family wants, forget what that person you love so much will think of you, forget society, and do you. Be you. Not everyone is gonna like you, not everyone is gonna agree with you- but where’s the fun in that? Would be a pretty boring world if we were all the same if you ask me! So live your life! Trust your gut. Take risks. Stand out. Be your best self. Be someone that makes you happy. Be the someone you’ve always wanted to be.

You want to do something? Do it for you. Do it because you want to. You are everything you need and more. So make yourself a priority and put yourself first. So do what makes you happy.

Your life; your rules.



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