5 ways to relax and unwind

Aloha! So I know some of you are going back to school after winter break, some are taking a break after exams, and some are starting exams… so i figured- what would be a better time to make this post! Whether you’re going back to school or leaving it for a short break, I think we could all use some unwinding and relaxation time. So here I am, narrowing it all down to the best 5 ways I know to unwind for some you-time. Also quick disclaimer: all these tips are for when you’re home but if you can honestly going for a weekend getaway or something and using your phone only when it’s urgent is the best option there is, in my opinion.

1. Headspace:

Lately, I have been using this great app called headspace (no, this isn’t sponsored I genuinely like headspace.) And basically, headspace is this guided meditation app. There are many sessions & packs and someone guides you through it all, telling you exactly what you should do. You also choose how long you want your session to be. I should also warn you that you have to subscribe to headspace premium to get most packs, I didn’t though and I’m still loving it. We’ll see what happens in the future though, for the time being I’m using it just fine and I’m loving it- you probably will too.

2. Take a break from the internet:

Let’s be real here, you can’t really have some you-time while your phone is buzzing every three seconds beside you- and besides you’ll probably be aching to grab it and see what’s up with what, so you can’t just have it lying there. Turn your phone off. In fact, don’t even have it anywhere near your sight while you’re having your you-time.

3. Make a delicious snack/drink:

Cause who would I be if I do not mention food/drinks every chance I get? Seriously though, make yourself something to eat or drink and blast on some music and just get in the groove.

4. Grab a good book:

Because honestly, how could one have a day of relaxation without cozying up with a good book? Seriously though, getting lost in another world really helps letting go of your world and your problems, even if it’s just for a couple of hours! Or for those of you who don’t like books (and I obviously don’t understand… how could you not like books?) a movie is quite a good alternate.

5. Pamper yourself:

So really how one pampers himself differs from one person to another, it’s about what suits you. One way I like to pamper myself is by lighting up some candles and watching my favourite youtubers or a series I’ve been digging. Others like to have a long and calming bath! It’s about what makes you happy and calms you down.

Anddddd we have reached the end of todays post! Hope these tips helped you and/or you found this post helpful and fun to read. Also I want to start reading more blogs and discovering some new ones so if you have any recommendations make sure to leave them down below. P.s. I’m going to start posting three times a week now which is on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday!

Till next time,




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