15 random facts about me

factsss(yes, I’m that little cutie pie in the photos hehe)

So if you know me, you probably know that I’m a random lil’ bean. And today I decided to throw this randomness at you! And yes, I know most people do 10 facts when doing these types of posts but what can I say.. I just like the number 15 more than 10! Or maybe it’s the fact that everyone does 10 facts rather than 15 that gets to me..? Well either way today I’m doing a ’15 random facts about me’ as you can tell so you can get to know a little more about me. But I’m not going to ramble in the extra five as I am going to ramble with the 10 facts so don’t worry haha! Anyway, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. I always need to have something to focus on:

Ever since I was a little kid this was something in me; I always need to have something to focus on. And by “something” I mean a hobby or a goal. (School had nothing to do with this don’t worry! 🙂 ) I just can’t live with the mere fact that I’m doing nothing with my time, you know? So yeah, I tried so many things over the years but I unfortunately I have to say that I did not stick with many. 😦 Though, one thing I really loved, was fashion designing! I used to get fabric from any possible sources and make my little sister model for me, I would make her stand still until I shaped the fabric to fit her size and then I would spend the whole day sewing it, and when I was done, I would make her wear it and model it for my parents and older sister. XD I also sometimes stole her barbies along with gathering my barbies to make dresses for them….

2. I can never keep a journal:

Trust me I tried but I just don’t have the patience to write down what happened in my day and pour my heart into it everyday! Or maybe it’s because at the end of the day I want to sleep, not write about my whole day. Though, I really want to start keeping a journal, not to write about my day in details because let’s be real; that’ll probably never happen. But to write about the good things that happened in my day and 3 things I’m grateful for. Just a quick recap to help me appreciate what I have more!

3. Paranoia haunts me:

‘Kay, is this seriously only me who is constantly paranoid? It can’t be, right? Tell me I’m not alone! I mean, I’m not proud.. but at least I’m honest. I wish I can just trust how everything is going and not overthink it… but I do! I’m trying my hardest not to tho.

4. I’m always making up scenes in my head:

I don’t think I’m the only one who does this but like… am I? This mostly happens when I’m listening to music, I keep imagining scenes that 99.9% would never happen in real life. But a girl can dream, right? And plus, as weird as this might sound, it actually makes me happy!

5. Youtube’s my guilty pleasure:

I maybe, maybe watch youtube excessively. I just can’t help it- even if I have things to get done, homework to finish and chores piled up… just one more video, I say. (P.s. I may do a ‘my favourite youtubers’ post in the future, would like to see that?)

6. I’m a solid member in the mendes army:

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m obsessed with shawn mendes. His music is amazing, they always get me to cry, laugh or jump on my feet and sing my loudest. He has a voice of an angel! There are always some emotions going on once I hear a song of his. (In fact, I’m listening to his song ‘bad reputation’ right now haha! I LOVE THIS SONG! Then again.. I love all his songs XD ) And I’m not even going to mention his amazing personality.

7. I’m a libraaa

So here it is, my star sign! I’m always tagging my friends in photos and posts about the zodiac signs whenever I think I relate, or they relate… on literally whatever it is about! I’m a sucker for the zodiac signs to be honest! I’m not one of those people who believe that everything you read about your zodiac sign is true or everything your zodiac sign says will happen, will actually happen. Cause let’s face it: the stars don’t control your life, you do. And plus I read these posts that say “a libra will get rich, a virgo will get a new house, a taurus will find her/his soulmate, etc.” and honestly, that’s just dumb! But I do believe in the characteristics we have being from a certain zodiac sign. I find myself reading more about my sign and the more I read the more I know it applies to me!


8. Before blogging, I had nothing to do with photography

Before I started blogging, the closest I came to photography was when my sister would ask me to take a photo of her and our cousin! After I started blogging and decided to take my own photos, I was horrible at first- not that I’m great now but it’s getting better, and I absolutely fell in love with it!

9. I love love love movies:

This probably isn’t that interesting but oh well! Thought I’d for once cast the light on movies and not books. I haven’t been watching as much movies as I would like to but I have been trying to watch more movies lately and I’m loving it so far. I forgot how great watching a good movie feels. (If you have any suggestions leave them in the comment section please)

10. I’m a risk taker, I take time to get over things/people and I argue a lot:

This one (or actually these few things) is (are) according to my best friend but I do believe it’s (they’re) true! I just texted her asking for her help on this post (cause I wanted a different p.o.v.) and that’s what she sent me. So anyway, I do try taking risks because, what’s a life with no risks? But I’m not that brave either haha. I do take time to get over things/people but only if they’re important to me. And yes, I argue a lot- but trust me, if I argue with you, it’s either because you’re important to me or you just totally went out of line.

11. I love learning new languages but I never stick with one enough to actually know how to speak it.

12. I love romcoms! (But who doesn’t???)

13. I used to be a tomboy. (That phase is over tho.. like the phase of the fashion designing thing… wow I miss that)

14. I am a firm believer that both genders should get equal opportunities and that no one should live in fear and that no means no and silence means no too. (In other words, I’m a serious feminist.)

15. I’m ambitious; I always aim higher and work harder in whatever it is I choose to focus on (remember fact number 1?) For example, that ‘something’ is currently my blog.

And that’s a wrap for today’s post and the 15 facts about me! Hope you enjoyed this post and got to know me a little bit better! Also, I hope you relate to some of these! If you do, let me know. If you have any requests, thoughts, etc. feel free to let me know!

Rock on!



    We have soooo much in common it’s weird!!!!!!! I’ve had four different journals, but I’ve never kept them for long (I reallllllyyyyy want to get into it) I’m so paranoid that it’s getting out of control. Youtube’s THE ONE thing that distracts me from everything- I love love LOVE it! I’m also a libra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been getting into movies lately, but I haven’t tried rom coms, so I’d love some suggestions!
    This was a great post!

    Liked by 1 person

      Ikr?! I got a new journal the day this post went up and I’m already losing track of it!! Yess yes yessss! Makes me feel a bit better to know I’m not alone! YOUTUBE IS A BLESSING AND A CURSE!! LIBRAS ROCK AND OMGGGG YOU’RE MY TWIN IT’S CONFIRMED! lol @ me…
      Hmmm.. I don’t know many rom coms but I heard ‘love rosie’ is a good one, I think I’ll watch it today actually! Also you have to watch ‘before I fall! ITS AMAZINGGGG!! Yayyy thank youuu!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • YAYAYAYAYAY!! I’m pretty sure we are long lost twins. I’ve heard before I fall is good now I REALLY WANT TO WATCH IT!! Ooh I also forgot to mention I love learning languages!! I’ve TRIED learning greek, turkish, and Italian, BUT I CAN NEVER STICK TO ONE LANGUAGE!! Now I’m trying to learn sogn langauge XD.
        NOW I’M 100000000% PERCENT SURE YOU’RE MY TWIN!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • It’s confirmed!! We’re twins!! Yes, it’s amazingggg and you should definitely watch it!! Wowww I tried Korean, Turkish, French (I already take that at school but I tried to get better at it), Spanish AND SAME!! OMMGGGGG!! I LEARNT SIGN LANGUAGEEE!! It’s pretty easy actually, you just learn the alphabet and practice speaking it (or singing it lol) and there you go! I forgot it but I have the app anyway so I should get back to it and remember and practice it again! I use an app called ‘asl coach’ and it simply has the alphabet and a clear photo of the how your hand should be. ME TOOOOOOOO I’MM SOOO SUREEEEE YOU’RE MY TWIN!!!

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  2. Loved this post! Let me tell you, you’re not the only one imagining up random things…LOL, I wrote a blog post about how when I’m running I imagine scenarios when I get kidnapped and what I’d do.. Pretty sure that’s a bit weirdXD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yayyyy thank you!! Lol good to know!! Hahaha it’s not that weird haha I mean yesterday before I slept I was imagining myself having a breakdown at my birthday so yeah… LOL
      Also I can’t seem to find your posts it says nothing found on your blog, can you send me the link I’d love to check it out! xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • It happens but not as much as having a really annoying dream and wake up with a bad mood! Like today there was this thing I hoped wouldn’t happen and it happened! And then my second dream (cause I can’t just have one dream, you know?) I was going to this really fancy party and I had a beautiful dress and my hair looked amazing but then something came up (which I don’t really get what could’ve been so important??) and I had to stay home and not go😭 and I sure do relate to the neck cramp thing haha!! Thank you, I’ll check your blog out now! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I also love YouTube and rom-coms! If you want to know more about it, check it out!💖 —https://emilyryannblogblog.wordpress.com/2018/02/11/get-to-know-me-better/

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