Why you should always be your complete and absolute self

Also titled: Are we scared to be ourselves because someone is always watching?

Which one of us has never felt the pressure of what people might think or say? Who among us has never been tied up by society’s stereotypes. These stupid, stupid stereotypes. Answer: no one. And as much as I would like to, I can’t tell you to just ditch this society and live in your own world because unfortunately, that’s not possible. We do have to face this cold-hearted society because we live in it. So we either accept it and move on, or we make a change! We start being the change. If you decide to pick option number one, go ahead. You might think this society is just great and it isn’t affecting you at all and you might be selfish enough to only think about how it doesn’t matter to you because nothing bad is happening to you- but trust me if you decide to take that path, just know that society is hurting you too, you might not know it but humans have tricky ways. Society has tricky ways, these ways are the ones that hurt you without you knowing, or hit you at the most unexpected times. Or even hit your loved ones. Just know, it is in no way the right path to shut up and watch from the sidelines. I know you might be asking yourself  “but what does that have to do with being myself?”


If you decide to be the change, for starters you need to focus on yourself and not spread hate. But then comes what today’s post is about, being yourself and encouraging others to be themselves too! For example if we all decide that procrastination is not cool anymore, it’s something that needs to stop, so we tweet about it and have it all over our insta feeds and even though yes, it might encourage us to get like 1/2 of our to-do list done, the other half comes from within! So we most likely will not do anything about the things we need to get done and we continue procrastinating while sharing posts to encourage other not to procrastinate. Ya see what happened there? At the end of the day, if every person doesn’t start with himself/herself and actually do what they encourage others to do. What was the use of all of this? But let’s say your best friend decided to actually stop procrastinating and get her work done, and so she inspires you and you do the same thing.. and you inspire someone else and so on.

Same thing here, you need to start being yourself and encourage others to be themselves. Embrace your differences and admire other people’s differences too. And who knows, you might inspire someone else. Because if we’re gonna make a better future for ourselves and change this society that has us in tears, we need to start now. And we need to start with ourselves.

And yes, yes, yes, I know you see the quotes plastered on everyone’s feeds, the captions that are supposed to make you realize how amazing you are, etc. But in reality, this has to come from you. YOU need to actually realize your worth. You need to know that god put you on this earth with your face, body, environment, and every single person you meet for a reason! And before you figure out the reason you need to stop complaining and start appreciating. You need to figure out why you are so very beautiful and embrace it. And you are not beautiful because of how you look, not even one bit. But because you try, because you thrive not just survive, because you are vulnerable and strong, because of the way your eyes light up when you (or other people) speak about someone or something you love, because of your efforts and because of that light inside you that you may not see just yet but I promise you it’s there.

Every detail in you, whether it be in your features, body or personality (if it isn’t an unhealthy trait or flaw or something e.g. anger issues) is ultimately beautiful. And you need to realize this. And you need to start embracing it.

So forever and always,

Rock on.



  1. Love this post! ❤ I couldn't agree more. For there to be a change in the world, it has to start with you. Making yourself to believe in your own words can sometimes be harder than making other people believe in them. "you need to stop complaining and start appreciating" YES! Sometimes we can take so many things in life for granted, me included, but its about time we realize the importance of the little things and start to appreciate life for what it is. 🙂 Great post xx

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    • Thank you so much! Exactly, you can’t expect anything to change on its own, you need to start with yourself. Yes, I definitely agree, we sometimes doubt ourselves more than we doubt anyone else in the world, and while our ideas and personalities might be amazing, we still can’t get ourselves to realise it. YES YES YES! I used to take so many things for granted too, and I still take some things for granted, but I am appreciating everything I have wayyy more! I definitely agree, life is too beautiful not to be grateful for. Thank you! ❤️ xx

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