How to stay motivated

Hola! So during this time of the year, when people aren’t getting a fresh start to motivate them or the long summer break, it’s hard to stay motivated. You just fall into this slump and you don’t know what to do. Well not to worry, friends! I’m here with sophie to help you stay motivated and on the go! In our collab, sophie is mainly going to be guiding you on how to stay motivated study wise, whereas I am going to be letting you all know my tips for staying motivated in general- whether that’s school wise, work wise, staying motivated with your passions, etc. So without further ado let’s hop into the post. Also, warning: this post is a little long so grab yourself a cuppa and get cozy.

Setting up your goals:

So first thing’s first, you gotta set up your goals. Whatever it is, in life, in school, in something new you’re learning… or even in just the fact that you want to hang out with your friends more- set your goals. First write your goals down. Have them be as specific as possible so you don’t procrastinate and do very little of what you’re supposed to do and then end up applauding yourself for it and going with the flow. No! After that, make a to do list everyday. It’s very helpful and very pleasing when you actually get your goals done. I’m sure anyone who has an obsession with to do lists, like myself, knows how pleasurable it is when you tick off all your tasks. But also how upsetting it is when you don’t. So, that being said, writing your goals down and then breaking them down into everyday tasks on to do lists is really helpful and it will motivate you to get the work done.

Give yourself a certain amount of time:

If you give yourself the thought that “oh I have all day” trust me it will get harder to actually get things done! Set yourself a certain amount of time for every task and for every break. If you don’t finish the task in the given time (of course make sure the time is suitable for the task, so not too little and not too much) then oh well, you’ll just have to squeeze it in the next day’s schedule! That’ll teach you how important it is for you not to wander off with your mind and actually get your work done.

Take breaks:

No one can stay motivated in anything if they do not take breaks. You need to take a break and do something you love, or even take a break from something you love and do something just for fun, something like watching a movie or reading a book… just zoning out. And of course… sleep! Because while we all love to stay up all night, it’s not healthy at all. Not physically, and not mentally. Staying up late at night and waking up late in the morning not only drains you physically, but it also demotivates mentally. Because when you wake up late you feel like you already slept in for a big part of your day and so you feel demotivated just as you wake up and check the time. I’m not gonna lie, I myself am guilty of staying up late and waking up late, and this does in fact exhaust me physically and mentally so that’s why I’m trying to switch it up. Can’t sleep early? Well, chicks, do something that tires you! Something that tires you so much that you sleep early. (Something that’s unhealthy of course) So maybe consider an intense workout or a long, long walk. Or maybe with a good book and a cup of tea you’ll feel so cozy and ready to sleep! Who knows? You do you.

Jazz it up:

Sorry to tell you, but your everyday routine may be too boring to function. (HAHA mean girls feels) so shake it up a bit! Go for a walk to ponder nature, call an old friend who you haven’t talked to in ages and ask them if they want to hang out and catch up, do something crazy that you’ve been wanting to do for a while but were too scared to actually go for, try something new, search up something weird, etc. Jazz up your life dude! This can really help in refreshing you and motivating you again.

Think about the why:

Remember tip #1? Setting your goals? Well in the way of getting your goals done it can be pretty distracting and tiring, and in my opinion, thinking about the “why” really helps motivating you more and setting you back on track. So take a moment to remember why you set that goal up in the first place, what you want to gain out of it and how excited you were for it when you first started.

Have someone to cheer you on:

As much as we all hate to admit it sometimes, we all need someone to cheer us on and motivate us. So ask a friend or even a family member.. just anyone you’re close to in general, to keep track of your goals with you and support you through the journey of getting them done. It really helps when there is someone else’s voice to support you and encourage you.

Read positive quotes:

I am 100% sure that I’m not the only one who gets motivated when reading positive quotes. It’s definitely something that puts you in a better mood and you can’t deny it and you know you can’t! You can open up pinterest or google the second you feel demotivated and look up some positive quotes to brighten your mood and get you a little bit more motivated.

Have an outlet:

Whatever goal you’re working on, you need to have an outlet to escape to whenever you want to… well… escape! Something that you genuinely enjoy doing because otherwise, what’s the point of having it? Find a hobby or something that relaxes you, anything that helps you forget about your daily life problems and stress- and try to take time out of your day for it. If you can’t exactly turn to it on a daily basis then at least every two days. But make sure you have something of your own that helps you relax and unwind.


I definitely think that a great motivator is visualizing yourself after you have completed your goal(s), it fills you up with excitement to actually plan how you’re gonna complete your goal and work even harder at it. Also I’ve heard before (you probably have too) that when you draw or write down how you want to be when you achieve your goals it helps a lot too.

Celebrate yourself:

You’ve got the work done. (Or you’re getting it) so, reward yourself! I mean, yeah, yeah, yeah, hard work pays off and all blah blah blah… but I mean reward yourself with something that is fun rather than successful, you know? Just do something fun something with yo friends or even alone but reward yourself!! Celebrate your hard work!

It’s a wrap! Hope you found this post helpful and enjoyable. Make sure to check out sophie’s blog and show this beautiful gal some love!! If you have any more tips feel free to leave them in the comments. Happy Wednesday loves! Hope you have a great day.

Rock on.


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