The bad doesn’t banish the good

In a society like ours, a society that pressures us, gives us stereotypes, turns us against each other and turns everything into a competition, it’s hard to stay positive. It’s hard hard to believe there is still good in the world, it’s hard to trust that everything will be alright, right? Wrong. Let me start by stating that the fact that there are bad people in the world or the fact that hurtful situations happen doesn’t banish the fact that there is good everywhere we go. There is good everywhere we go. 

You could choose the negative type of life, but you could also fight for a change while acknowledging everything you should be grateful for, everything you should enjoy to the fullest and everything enchanting about your life. About this life. Because you better believe me there are so so so so many things in this world to ponder and enjoy and let me tell you the best things in life are the little things, not the grand gestures, not the long awaited nights that are supposed to go perfectly… nothing that’s perfect definitely. Because the best things in my opinion are the cozy days and cheesy talks and catch-ups and family gatherings and outings with friends and laughing until your side hurts and having someone who gets you and inside jokes and getting to know someone from point zero and mustering up the courage to do something you didn’t think you could do and staying up late till the morning and waking up really early to watch the sunrise and walking by the beach at sunset and obsessing over a book or a movie with someone and teasing your loved ones and encouraging them too and being your ultimate self at all times and getting your hair cut and sleeping in and feeling good and hikes and adventures and discovering new music… and as you can see the list is never-ending! All you have to do is open yourself to the gift that is life.

If you choose to only focus on the negative that is your decision, but it would be your decision to be unhappy. There are negatives in this world. Lots and lots of them. But there are also positives. So don’t shade one up by the other, acknowledge both but focus on the positive and being happy. You need to give yourself time to be upset too, you need to get hurt before you can heal and bloom, you know. It’s okay not to be okay. We all aren’t okay every once in a while. What’s not okay is letting that ruin your days. Yes, take your time to get upset and heal but once you feel like you should probably stop already, pick yourself up and move on with a positive mindset. It’s not as hard as you think, just don’t search for good between the bad. You’ll have to learn how to differentiate, sooner or later you’ll figure out some amazing people and you’ll be so glad that those others didn’t stick around. You will eventually understand why you were in so much pain and you’ll be grateful for that pain because it shaped you into your stronger, better self. God has a plan for you, don’t doubt him. And if you look a little bit closer you’ll find out that you don’t even have to fish for all the amazing things in your life, you just gotta look.

Rock on.

What are some things that make you the happiest? What are your thoughts on this topic? The weekend went by so fast imma cry! Hope you all have (or had) a great day! Always remember to seek the good in life. ❤


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