Beautiful noises called music

Fresh air mixed with the smell of cigarettes as we made our way through the vibrant crowd, music buzzed through our ears and our bodies as we jumped along to the beat. With the power of the songs that brought us together, as if we all weren’t strangers, we danced our hearts out and blurt out the lyrics. So many different stories, so many different dreams and hopes, so many different heartbreaks, different experiences, different minds, different souls, so many different human beings. All in one place. All leaving behind their worries and pain, all smiling and laughing, not caring of being judged as they swayed and jumped and sang at the top of their lungs. I’ve never been so fascinated by people. And somehow, when a song came to a start or an end, and everything in between, all these individuals came together, enjoying the moment and living it fully. Enjoying the beautiful noises called music.

Happy Monday. A while I go I went to a concert and wrote this after, although it’s a little short I like it a lot! And I hope you enjoyed reading through my thoughts for a bit.

Have you ever been to a concert? If so, how did you feel? If not, how do you think you would feel? Lol, I’m not even asking about the music at this point! Who would you like to attend a concert to in the future?

Hope you have (had) a great day.

Rock on.



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