Happiness is..

Happiness is long car rides and music. Happiness is new beginnings. Happiness is discovering a new obsession. Happiness is smiling and creating smiles. Happiness is getting to know someone from point zero. Happiness is knowing everything has a reason and everything will be alright. Happiness is corny jokes and having someone to laugh at them. Happiness is relating to a song you just heard. Happiness is the smell of coffee. Happiness is outings with the people you love. Happiness is finding something positive out of something negative. Happiness is trusting what god has planned for you. Happiness is living the moment with no worries about the future. Happiness is realising how awkward you were with someone when you first met who you feel the most comfort around now. Happiness is losing and finding yourself. Happiness is letting go and living fully. Happiness is being your ultimate self at all times. Happiness is finding an empowering, positive massage randomly. Happiness is making someone feel good about themselves. Happiness is food!! Happiness is understanding why everything that happened with you happened. Happiness is not wearing makeup and feeling beautiful. Happiness is not feeling weak cause you cry. Happiness is not judging and happiness is not being judged. Happiness is booksss! Lots and lots of them. Happiness is diversity. Happiness is summer and autumn and winter and spring. Happiness is all alone dance parties after long days. Happiness is feeling excited like a child. Happiness is loving who you are. Happiness is realising why you are completely amazing. Happiness is taking pride in being unique and different. Happiness is finding those who bring out the best in you and cutting off toxic people. Happiness is memories and adventures. Happiness is hard work paying off. Happiness is giving back to god and earth. Happiness is growing confident. Happiness is traveling and discovering new places. Happiness is déjà vu’s. Happiness is instantly clicking with someone. Happiness is falling in love with someone’s story. Happiness is rainy days. Happiness is sunsets and sunrises. Happiness is knowing when to go with the flow and when to take control over your life. Happiness is finding something inspiring. Happiness is learning your worth. Happiness is inside jokes and laughing till your side hurts. Happiness is embarrassing friends :)) Happiness is knowing who you are and what you want to do. Happiness is staying up late and happiness is waking up early. Happiness is self acceptance and self love. Happiness is fighting for what you believe in. Happiness is homemade gifts that come from the heart. Happiness is empowering quotes. Happiness is non-stop talks with people who get you. Happiness is living life to the fullest. Happiness is in you. Happiness is around you. Happiness is everywhere.

Hola! Happy Valentine’s Day to all you beautiful babes! Remember valentine is about showing love, so no partner? Then show love to your family and friends! Decided to throw some positivity into your Wednesday, if you’re having a great day I hope this makes it better and if not, I hope this makes you realise just how amazing life is so get up and do something fun. It’s the little things that count, you know! There’s honestly so much more to mention but imma leave that to you now, and maybe I’ll write another similar post soon. Remind yourself constantly of everything beautiful in life and smile because your smile lights up your whole face!

Rock on.



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