Dear future kids

Dear future kids,

Fall in love. Fall in love with this world and its beauty. Fall in love with the simple things. Fall I love with yourself and what makes you special. Fall in love with your flaws and your imperfections. Fall in love with life and enjoy it as it leads you on adventures you only dreamt of. Fall in love with the universe and its creator, and thank him constantly. Fall in love with the purest of people. Fall in love with the light you hold beneath your looks. Fall in love with making others smile and fall in love with looking on the bright side. Fall in love with everything that makes this world a better place and embrace it. Embrace yourself.

Take risks. Live life. Go after your dreams. Don’t stop fighting. Find what you are passionate about and follow it. Follow your gut and follow your curiosity. Make your mark on the world and the people in it. Work hard, but not too hard that you’re not happy and content. Not too hard that you’re not living your life. Go on wild adventures and sing and scream at the top of your lungs (just don’t wake up the neighbors.) Don’t you dare sit at home like a potato! Go out and discover the world! Trust I’ve been through that phase when you don’t want to do anything but eat and chill and watch T.v. But god knows how I appreciate this earth and want to go on more adventures now. Don’t be afraid of being hurt, it’s a part of your human experience. And don’t let anyone tell you you are not worth it cause trust meyou’re a diamond. Trust yourself and trust god, and always remember that everything happens for a reason. You’ll be alright kiddo/s.

With love,

Your 13 year old momma.

Hiyaaa! Thought I’d spice things up a bit for today’s post! I hope that one day I get to have kids and I hope I could then look back on this post and read it to them or let them read it. I don’t think this amounts 1/2 the things I want to tell my kids but that’s all I’m gonna say today, and maybe I’ll write other parts later! Though, if I’m being honest, as I learn new things everyday I’m sure I’ll want to teach it to my kids too, so the things I want to say to my kids are probably never ending! If you could, what would you tell your future kids? What lessons would you like them to learn the most before going into the real world? Also, what are your plans for today? Let me know… I’m always up for a chat!

Rock on.



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