An interview with one exceptional writer: aysha ahmed

Today I’m doing something a little bit different than what I usually do, today I’m interviewing the 16 year old writer who captured our hearts and made us face our feelings with her writings. The one whose words are so beautiful, yet dig through our souls like swords, knowing that they’re the truth. At such a young age, aysha has developed a writing style that could go beyond successful if it reached more people. Like me, I’m positive that anyone who lands eyes on any of aysha’s writings will immediately fall in love with how she holds our feelings captive as we read through her words. Not only is she an honest, eye-opening writer who brings tears to our eyes and squeezes our hearts with her words- but she also gives us a feeling of safety as we realize that we are not alone. Someone understands us. Hands down aysha’s talent is mind blowing and insane! So of course, I jumped at the idea of interviewing her as I contacted her, excited by the idea of getting a peek inside her deep, beautiful mind. And whether you have ever read aysha’s writings or not, her answers to my questions are quite enough to detect the truth in my words.

-describe aysha.

She’s a maze, she’s a warrior with a transparent shield that no one can see her strength and power. She’s a loud scream that only a few can hear. And she’s powerful. Maybe not too powerful but at least she knows how to break free out of this world, she exposes what so many people are afraid to expose, she’s full of flaws but she admires them. She doesn’t regret a thing but she learns.

-why and when did you start writing?

I started writing when I was 9. Around the 25 Jan revolution, When I started writing all about those people screaming out for their rights, I felt something, I had an energy inside of me. I was a kid with a dream.

-what’s a massage that you would like to give off to anyone who reads your work?

I wanna tell everyone that pain is temporary, and happiness is tune. Failure leads to success. And your flaws are what perfect you. I wanna expose people. I want to show them the different ways of being strong. I want to let them watch their souls and conquer and take over.

-And last but definitely not least, do you have any goals for 2018? If so, what are they?

My 2018 goal is to help heal those broken hearts out there. To draw smiles on people’s faces. I wanna publish a book. And try to start off a business out of writing. Too many dreams, for a 16 year old.

And as you can see ladies and gentlemen, aysha is a young lady that’ll probably take the world by storm with her writings in a few years, and let me tell you it will be no surprise when she does!

Aysha’s instagram



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