You don’t need anyone’s approval

Quick disclaimer: this was supposed to go up yesterday but for some reason it didn’t soooo… I’m sorry here you go! 😦

You don’t. You just don’t! You don’t need someone’s approval to do what you want, you don’t need anyone’s approval to be yourself, you don’t need anyone’s approval to feel good about who you are. You flippin’ don’t.

Although none of us can deny the feeling of happiness and instant self-love when someone we like appears to admire our ways, it’s just sad how we put so much pressure for that one person (or these people) to like us. Why? Why do we need their approval? See, the thing is, we don’t. This is something I had been guilty of, and even now every so often I catch myself off guard doing it, but if you ever catch yourself thinking what someone you like would say or think, whether s/he would like it or not and if you find yourself wanting to pick whatever they would like, it probably isn’t good for you and you need to stop.There’s nothing wrong with someone inspiring you, but if you reach a point where you’re making decisions based on what they might think then it isn’t healthy at all.

You need to stop because every story is different and you need to embrace it, sure let people advise you, but don’t let them control your life.

So wear, do and/or say whatever you want- no matter how weird and unusual it is. Do you ever just wonder how the social stereotypes were built? By others before us, right? By completely normal people. They were carried through and to our everyday actions, although if you really think about it they’re not at all that important, just some concepts human beings invented to “define” one another.

I believe that who you should always really consult is god, not a judgmental human being. Your creator knows what’s right and what’s wrong. Your creator knows what you should do and what you shouldn’t. He who has a plan for all of us, he who created such a beautiful world that we keep on destroying, and of course he who created our differences that we need to stop neglecting, will always guide you and help you if you ask him to.

Long story short, you be you. You do what you want to do not what others want you to. In the end, it’s your life.



  1. i really liked this post! i can totally relate, a lot of the time i get caught up between my future decisions as i think ‘hmmm, which one will make dad more proud’ and then i end up choosing what my dad would love more than what i love.. and although i love my dad to bits and want him to be so happy this reminds me i need to think of me too and yeah i’m waffling but lovely post xx thanks

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    • I’m so glad! It’s definitely great that you want your dad to be happy and proud and I’m sure you love him so much but it is important to choose what you want and love too, not just what he wants! Thank you so much! So glad I helped. xx

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    • I am in the same boat. And recently my close friend, who ironically is a nun, told me that everyone has to leave their parents at some time in their lives. Because you have your own life and you have to begin living it for yourself so that you can be the best for the next generation to look up to. And how can you do that if you are constantly held back by the previous generation?

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