I am filled with love towards this world…

I am filled with love towards this world. There are so many things to do, so many places to discover, so many stories to hear and so many people to read. All in very little time, yet we waste it. I want to hear every voice. I want to see the world from every corner. I want to read every book and go through all the words and emotions it serves. I want to watch every sunset and admire every sunrise. I want to hear all sorts of different stories. I want to ask questions that not many can answer. I want to listen to music that give me goosebumps. I want to write so many words. I want to take so many photos. I want to talk about so many thoughts. I want to try food from all around the world. I want to open the book that is life and I want to read it out loud for anyone listen to and enjoy. I want to press play on the song that is pain and turn the volume up so people passing by realize that they’re not the only ones suffering. I want to leave notes everywhere I go letting others know that it will be alright, it will work out: god has a plan for you that you shouldn’t doubt. I want to let people know that happiness exists, and love is everywhere around you blooming so don’t stare at a dead plant. I want to smile at every stranger and compliment every random passerby. I want to give flowers to a friend I don’t know, also known as a stranger, but we’re all fighting our own battles so why not make others happy while we’re at it? I want to travel miles only with my thoughts. I want to get minds thinking, I want to get them spinning, confused, curious, and finally observing. I don’t want my desires but rather my needs to grow and blossom into my best possible self. I want to inspire every soul and banish hate, replacing it with love and peace. I want to dress in all sorts of outfits and try all sorts of costumes.

I want to change lives and I want to live life.


Hiya loves! The weekend went by so fast.. nooo! :(( How did/ are you spend/ing your weekend? Mine was well spent, a bit of school work, a bit of blog work, and a bit of unwinding and chilling! I just finished ‘I am malala’ yesterday which was sooooo motivational and inspiring and now I’m rereading ‘the sun and her flowers’ by rupi kaur. Lately, everything has been hectic and I’m so glad to have the rest of this day to myself only to enjoy and chill (I’ll probably work on my blog a bit but I love it so it isn’t really that type of work) it’s important to have relaxed days every now and then, cause otherwise, dude I really don’t know how you’re holding up. :)) Have a great day.

Rock on.



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