I am…

I’m the lighting that scares and the thunder that shakes you, yet the both fascinate you. I’m the rain you love but wouldn’t want to last forever. I’m the sun warming you but you still miss cozying up when it’s cold. I’m dance parties and walks on the beach. I’m the sea you love swimming in and watching g and admiring but don’t like it’s salt. I’m the couloirs at dusk and dawn. I’m the smell of freshly bakes goods when you’re trying to be healthy. I’m the book that messes with your mind and leaves you emotional. I’m the movie you crack up watching. I’m the song you’re obsessed with because it describes everything happening to you. I’m the series you leave your homework for and I’m the test you need to study for. I’m the light at the end of the tunnel, not showing myself to you because I know you’re capable of glowing anywhere you go. I’m the feelings you don’t want to catch and the breath fleeing away from you when you see that person you love. I’m the smell of coffee in the morning. I’m millions of surprises in one box. I’m both sides of a debate. I’m thoughts colliding and feelings exploding. I’m the sky filled with stars and I’m the moon, glowing in the dark. I am, like you.

Happy Monday everyone!! Here is something I recently wrote that has so many hidden meanings behind it cause I’m mysterious and I love it. :)) Hope you enjoyed reading it, have a great day.

Rock on.



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