The little things this month // February wrap-up

Hello you lovely people of the internet! So February is over… I’m excited for march but I am going to miss the last month.. not enough that I don’t want it to end tho! All about moving forward here. 🙂 So me being the positive lil’ bean I am, I’m doing another one of these posts! I’ve done one for January and I’m excited to look back on my planner (that’s another great thing about planners and journals, you don’t have to wreck your head trying to remember what you were doing at certain days) sooooo let’s go ahead and take a look on god ol’ February.

Got out of my comfort zone:

Life begins at the edge of our comfort zones, right? Well the past month I have been pushing myself out of my comfort zone, whether it was by wearing something that I love but was different than what I usually wear, speaking up and saying what was on my mind even if I was a little nervous about it, making posts that were personal, getting a new haircut, etc. And lemme tell you… I LOVED IT AND I’M SO PROUD OF MYSELF FOR GETTING OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE! My self-confidence has been going down the hill the last couple of years but I have been building it (slowly, but effectively) back up and this month I really pushed my self confidence and um… yeah honestly as hard as it seems, push yourself to get out of your comfort zone and trust me you’ll be thankful later.

A bit of an adventure in life:

One of my main goals for 2018 is to go on more adventures and although it can be hard cause a) I don’t have a car so I can’t drive myself and b) school,  I did have some fun this month! I went to a concert (writing about it here ) and I went on a school trip that I really enjoyed. I know I know, not much of an adventure, call me lame but I don’t care I had fun. 🙂


Cause who would I be if I do not share the books I read? This post is all about positivity and all the great things this month, and the books I read were obvi great and amazing, leaking positivity into my everyday life. 🙂 SOOOO here I am to talk about them. This month I finished p.s. I still love you, read always and forever lara jean, read I am malala, reread the sun and her flowers, and two days ago started a thousand splendid suns. So yeah, you could tell my bookworm heart is happy! (Low-key hiding from all the book bloggers throwing tomatoes at me cause they don’t think that’s much lol)

Had a productive month:

I’d like to think I had a pretty productive month.. I worked hard on my blog and held up with school work along that although this resulted in me not having as much time for myself as I would like, I’ll try to work on balancing school, my blog, my friends and family, and spend time with myself to myself because I do believe we all need to do that more. After all you’re the only person guaranteed to stick with you anywhere you go.


And as any other month, I discovered some pretty sick music! A lot of them were touching and relatable… and even though they messed with my mind and activated my perplexed feelings, they were one of my main reasons of happiness. You could say the music I listened to were what kept me sane.

Started being healthy:

Unlike most people, my 2018 goals didn’t involve being healthy and working out and blah blah blah, it just seemed so basic and I knew I would probably drop the goal at some point and then get upset about it. But recently, I have been inspired to start taking care of my body so I started working out and I’m trying to eat mostly healthy food.

Got closer to some amazing people:

During the last month I got closer to some people that inspire me on a daily basis and I’m extremely grateful to have known them. These are the people I love talking to the most and enjoy their company a lot, if any of you are reading this: you guys I love youuuu!

I started having my talks with god:

When I was reading malala’s book, she was always talking to god and praying and asking him questions and asking him for help and thanking him when he helps her… and recently I have been in a situation that confused me a lot, so I did exactly what she did, after the third prayer of the day (I’m a muslim and we have five prayers a day) I prayed and seeked god’s help. I also prayed for my loved ones and asked protection for them. There are some things that I wouldn’t want to say out loud, things that I wouldn’t be comfortable with sharing, so I speak to god about them. Ever since I started having these daily talks with god everything has been so much better, I’m still confused, I’m still fearful of the same things I was when I first started, but now I can feel god guiding my way and helping me through it, and he has in fact answered a lot of my prayers. I now trust that god will lead me to the right path as long as I long for it. I now know that god, he who created us and created this beautiful place we live in (that we ungratefully destroy) will lead me and give me the answers if I ask, he who knows my feelings and thoughts, my inner conflicts and my struggles, will always help me when I ask him for his help. And I am so utterly grateful for this.

Shortest month on the calendar, but it was such an eventful and great one. Hope you had a great month everyone, and I hope the next will be even better! Let me know how your February was, I’d love to hear all about it.

Peace out!



  1. This is such an inspiring post – good for you! I just turned 23 and I’m still having issues with balancing work/friends/family/myself/my blog so the fact that you’re able to do it during school as well amazing!
    Keep up the good work! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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