It wasn’t that far after all…

How surreal is it… happiness wasn’t that far from me after all. Never in a million years would I have thought, that I, would cry tears of happiness. I thought I was on the edge of breaking into pieces, but how weird is it that joy came in the most unexpected ways, seeping through my veins like waves dancing through an ocean. I always thought tears only mixed with a smile when the heart was breaking and the face was trying to cover it up, but I was in no condition of pain when that happened. Only absolute joy. All the words in all those books seemed so far away only a few weeks ago. It’s hard to believe I’m the same girl I used to be two years ago. It’s hard to believe how everything changed in a short time. It’s hard to believe how much love I have for this world, when one or two years ago I almost always wanted to crawl I to a hole and never come out again. Life works in weird ways. I would have never guessed that god would bless me with things and people too beautiful to describe. How amazing are the flowers that have been planted into my life. And how dead were the plants that I kept watering. My eyes tear up at the thought, how beautiful is life. How worth it was it.

Hola! So I recently wrote this and I thought I’d share it because I wanted to let you guys know that pain does pass, smooth seas never made a good sailor and happiness will show itself to you even if it’s in the most unexpected ways. Feeling super blessed lately, even if I am a tad stressed out and scared but it’s okay! Hope this brighten your day a bit.

Peace out!



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