Dear future kids…

Dear future kids, 

You have been blessed with the gift that is life, appreciate it, fight for it. Everything that has happened, is happening, or will happen to you is with a reason… and the reason is for you to bloom into your best selves. So whatever it is, good or bad, appreciate it and thank god for it. You may not realize it now but everything in your life is for your own good, from your circumstances and breakdowns all the way to the happiest moments of your life.

Everyone is trying to conquer their inner demons, the world has enough hate and kindness costs nothing, don’t deprive others from it. Smile at strangers. Compliment random people. If you like something in someone, say it. If someone is being hateful, take a deep breath and walk away. You do not need to fight fire with fire.

You are not alone. You may feel like it sometimes but you are not. Trust me, everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Keep lifting others up as you lift yourself. You are not unlucky or broken or not worth it. You are where you are supposed to be so you can grow into the best version of yourself. Just keep trying.

Don’t starve yourself for love. Love yourself. You are more than enough. With all your flaws and imperfections, you are absolutely beautiful. Don’t let anyone tear you down, especially not yourself. Learn to silence the doubting, hateful voices and listen to the loving, encouraging ones. And please don’t try to blend in with others, let your uniqueness stand out. 

Be patient. You will find happiness and you will find love and you will find success. Just hold on and be patient. When you find those who get you and love you, when you find happiness in all the little things, when you succeed in whatever you worked so hard for, you will thank god for those who left, you will be thankful for the loss of the toxicity, you will understand why you went through darkness, you will be grateful for the failures. Just be patient. Good things happen.

Don’t give up. Whatever it is you want to accomplish is worth it. It’s worth the hard work and it’s worth the stress and it’s worth it all. As long as you love what you’re doing and are not harming yourself or neglecting your loved ones then it’s worth it. Just keep grinding, no one got it the easy way. 

Express your love. This is something that I myself am still working on as I’m writing this, but express your love. You never know how much time is left. So express your love to all those who are important to you. Let them know how much you love them. Randomly text people to let them know you appreciate them. Tell them what you love about them. Don’t let your loved ones doubt your love towards them.

Take risks. Life is boring on the safe side. Take risks! I am probably the happiest because of the risks I have taken. Because I stepped out of my comfort zone and just did what I want to do. Don’t be a person who looks back and wonders how it could’ve been if only you have taken the risk. 

Don’t try to figure it out. You learn everyday. You will never figure it out. Not completely at least. Don’t beat yourself up about your mistakes and regret them. Learn from them. It’s the only thing you can do, learn from them. Use them to bloom into a better person.

Hola amigos! I wrote another post like this one but as I suspected, it’s not the last one. There are just so many things I want to say so I’m probably going to write more ‘dear future kids’ posts. 🙂 Let me know what you think down below and also how has march been treating you so far? xx



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