The system is built against us…

Why is it that being damaged and alone is the new norm? Why are we taught and convinced that giving up on our fight is the only way to go? Why are the wrongs displayed so shamelessly now that they are the “trend”? It’s cool to have anxiety, it’s trendy to be depressed, it’s okay to think you’re alone, it’s badass to smoke, party hard and regret later, don’t even try there’s no way out, give up and believe that you’re the only one hurting; no one understands you and no one can ever feel the pain you felt, don’t you ever put your trust in anyone they will fail you I repeat, they will fail you. Walk with your head down when the sun is out; shameful of all the things you’ve done, run away when the moon casts its light, for the night is when you need to forget. It’s funny how you are incapable of reaching your dreams, it’s hilarious; the pain that others feel, but we can’t do anything about it, can we? For the time has passed and the deal was sealed, behind closed doors shall we all be. Too young and naive so they tricked us with their strategies; they open a door for us so we follow blindly then they put us into groups and tell us how we should be, it doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter what you do, we sorted you here so that’s how you should be and if you dare try to fight back we’ll use lies to break you down. Let the movies fool you and give you high expectations, you’ll be slapped with reality but it’s your fault your so innocent. Lies swim in seas out of fear and nobody seems to care. Showing our emotions became a sign of weakness and desperation so we hide them under blank faces and cruel words, when did this become our world? Why did we surrender to the system that was built against us? And then we complain and ask for a change but really what are we doing except giving in to the hate? When labelling one another becomes a routine, when we ignore the truths that are slapping us in the face, when hatred becomes a constant feeling that we can’t shake, when envy controls our ways, when love becomes a photo and a caption only to be deleted after a few days, when abandoning the people who love us the most is what we do, when we judge one another for being different and new, when we tear each other down instead of lifting each other up… We have gave in to the system that we now cry ourselves to sleep because of.



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