I want, I want, I want…

Louder. I need to be louder. I need to get my voice out there. So many beautiful masterpieces and powerful words that I’m yet to create. Though my thoughts are clouded, I won’t let that stop me. So many people out there that I want my voice to reach. So many things I want to change. So many wounded souls out there to empower. And of course, so many doubting minds to prove wrong. The sun is going down in a bit and stars will cover the night sky like a blanket, thoughts race in my mind and my vision is blurred. Only a few things are clear, let’s see how long it will take for them to blur like everything else. But it’s okay… because I’m not giving up. Because my biggest fear in life is to give up on my fight and settle for whatever life throws at me. And so far I’m not doing that. I’m fighting despite my confusion. I’m still trying. I’m still strong. Messed up? Yeah, sure. But I’m here. And I’m not giving up. I’m not waiting for the right time. Because I believe “the right time” is created, I don’t think it will magically appear knocking on my door. And I want to make a change so bad. And I want to start now. I want to influence people’s lives to the point where they feel safe and empowered just by the thought of me popping up on their minds. I want the scarred hearts to know how beautiful they are, inside and out. I want the insecure minds to go easy on themselves and love who they are with all their beautiful imperfections. I cannot leave without making my mark on this world and its beautiful creatures. I want to admire this universe with all its glory and get lost in the gorgeous colors all around us. And I want to get others to appreciate this universe too. I want people to be angry enough to fight for a change but grateful enough to love and see all the good things around them.

Hola! I’m extremely sorry for being away for a while I just needed a break but now I’m back and better than ever! Not sure if I’m going to be able to post something next week since I have exams (another reason why I haven’t been active) but if I don’t it’s only a matter of 2 or 3 weeks and then I’m going to be done with my exams and I’ll focus on my blog after that. I am so so excited for summer, blog wise and just life in general. Stay tuned loves, I’ll be cooking up some good content. Also I really like my new theme! If you’re reading this from your reader go to the actual website so you can check it out and let me know what ya think! :)) This one is more “me” than the last and I’m just so happy with it!

xx jana



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