Teen girls

Teen girls cannot be contained. They cannot be stopped. Teen girls are loud music and hight-pitched laughs but teen girls are also deep talks and overwhelming emotions. Teen girls are who you go to when you want to laugh and let go but teen girls feel like they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Teen girls are who won’t shut up about things they don’t like. Teen girls are up-all-night thoughts about something or someone special and teen girls are roars in the face of injustice. Teen girls are tenderness wrapped in angriness sprinkled with eye-rolls and sarcasm. Teen girls are the epitome of strength and vulnerability. Teen girls are breakdowns and being high on life all in one day. Teen girls have their heads in the clouds but their feet on the ground. Teen girls are oceans of emotions and countless tears. Happy ones and sad ones. Teen girls are not black nor white; they are the colours of earth colliding into beautiful souls. They carry galaxies in their eyes and entire universes in their hearts. Teen girls are everything you would want to be and everything you need for peace. So empower your teen girls. Don’t let them grow old, don’t let them grow out of it no matter what age they reach. And learn from them… for their enthusiastic and loving nature is all this world needs.

I’m back. I’m back. I’m back!!! My exams are over and I’m going to try to post more from now on. This piece is dedicated to all the teenage girls out there, y’all are way too beautiful even though you probably don’t know it. Don’t let anyone change you.

xx jana



  1. As I’m a teen girl, this was so heartwarming to read. You really captured everything in this post, and I wouldn’t have put it any better! Also, I hope your exams went well. Now you can relax and enjoy life once again

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