Moments in life- you’re beautiful

You are beautiful. With your lowest and highest moments in life. Moments when your vulnerability isn’t contained. Moments when you’re crying so hard you can barely see or hear a thing. Moments when you show that you are human. Moments when you decide to pick yourself up. Moments when you realize how strong you really are. Moments when you realize god’s plan is better than yours. Moments when you just live. Moments when you laugh genuine laughs with the people you love. Moments when you realize how far you’ve come. How strong, vulnerable, caring and kind you are. Moments when you forgive yourself for your mistakes. Moments when you forgive others for their mistakes. You’re beautiful at dawn and you’re beautiful at dusk and you’re beautiful at all times in between. You’re beautiful when you talk about something or someone you love and your eyes light up. You’re beautiful when you’re crazy. You’re beautiful when you’re deep. You’re beautiful when you’re trying. And you’re beautiful when you believe. You hold so much love and light inside you and it’s too beautiful, it’s too much to take for granted. So walk away from those who do. You’re beautiful when you’re dressed up and you’re beautiful when you’re dressed down. You’re beautiful when you’re working and you’re beautiful when you’re resting. You’re beautiful when you show how much you love and care for those who are around you. You’re beautiful when you cut off toxic people. You’re beautiful when you strive for your goals. You’re beautiful when you smile because you’re grateful for what you have. You’re beautiful when you’re on your own and you’re beautiful when you’re with someone you love. You’re beautiful when you’re breaking down and you’re beautiful when you’re building yourself back up. You’re beautiful when your pretty heart is full of joy and you’re beautiful when it’s breaking into pieces but despite that you’re still fighting and you know you’re going to heal. You’re beautiful when you smile. You’re beautiful when you are you, even if you still don’t know who you are.

Through all your moments in life, big and little, good and bad, joyful and heartbreaking, wherever, whenever,

You have got a whole universe inside of you,

And you are beautiful.



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