Interviewing the phenomenal writer nadia haitham

I once came across this girl’s instagram account, she had posted about a book she wrote on wattpad called ‘the love of a teenage girl’ so I checked that out and as I began to read I became more and more engrossed in it, in her way of writing and how she revealed her feelings and thoughts exactly how they were. I felt deeply connected to her while reading and after finishing the book. This girl is Nadia. A young girl that has already inspired so many people with her writings, nadia is a sea of positivity, strength and vulnerability. She isn’t afraid of speaking her mind or showing her emotions. When I first read nadia’s book, never would I have thought that in a matter of a few months I would be interviewing her, but more than that I wouldn’t have thought that she’d be my friend. And today I’m giving you all a peek inside her beautiful mind.

If you could describe yourself in one song, what song would it be?

Dandelions – Ruth B

How do you keep yourself positive on the bad days?

Bad moods are the worst but I’ve learnt that after every storm comes a rainbow and everything happens for a reason. I keep saying statements to myself such as, “Nothing in this world deserves all this sadness, life is too short.” Or “People are like waves, they come and go. If it is meant to be, it’ll be.” I also listen to songs, I write my feelings and talk to my best friends, they know how to cheer me up.

If you could change anything in the world what would it be?

Hm, I’ve thought about this question a lot before. However, there’s a lot I want to change in this world. I’d end racism, sexism, war, hatred, negativity, animal abuse, child abuse, starvation, negativity and a lot more. But there’s that one thing I really wanted to change in this world and it’s planting self love into people’s hearts. If people loved themselves more, they won’t ever have to see any of anyone’s flaws, maybe they would’ve been much less judgmental.

What attracts you to writing and how do you find inspiration?

My feelings are my number one attraction to writing. If I’m too happy or too down in the dumps, I instantly write and listen to music. However, I don’t think twice of what I’m writing, it’s my hands and heart that take the lead. I don’t even know what I’ve written until my hand just automatically stops typing and I start rereading what I’ve written and by the time I finished reading I instantly feel better if I’m feeling down or get even more happier.

I love talking or seeing people I love’s pictures to get inspiration to start writing. Listening to music also inspires me a lot to start writing. However, my number one inspirational character is Amina Khalil. I look at her pictures or watch videos or movies of her and instantly I get so inspired to write. My number one show that I watch whenever I need inspiration to write is How I Met Your Mother, I’m so addicted to its idea. Reading quotes or books definitely helps too.

What is one book or movie that really touched you?

As I mentioned before, How I Met Your Mother is my favorite series because it really touched me and taught me a lot of life lessons. Everything, Everything and The Fault In Our Stars are two of my favorite movies of all time because they teach me how to appreciate the little things in life and it’s very meaningful. I’ve read a lot of books and I kind of like them all but there’s this book I cannot get over with, it’s on Wattpad and it’s called, “The Girl Who Is Silent” it’s my favorite!

What is your favourite part of the day and why?

Sunset, sunrise and midnight because everything is so peaceful and the sky looks picturesque. It’s that time of the day when you overthink everything going on with your life and wishing your absolute favorite person to be there.

Are you the sun or the moon? The earth or the sky? Fresh fruit or fresh flowers? A field or a sea?

Moon, Sky, Fresh flowers and Sea. They’re all extremely relaxing and beautiful to look at.

What are some things you believe deeply in?

Fate, Destiny, Patience and Karma. Everything happens for a reason, you meet a certain person for a reason either learn a lesson or make you happy. Destiny and fate work together to give you certain situations and lets you meet certain people who make you the person you are today. If it wasn’t for destiny and fate, you won’t have met a certain person that changes your life into a whole new level. Fate and destiny are incredible! “What comes around, goes around.” That’s exactly what karma is. If you do good, then good karma will appear. If you do bad, bad karma will mix your life up. I believe that patience is the key to life. The more you wait, the better and bigger you’ll receive. Work hard and wait, you’ll see the results soon. Fate, Destiny, Patience and Karma are just too real to not notice! They’re what makes life one hell of a rollercoaster ride full of ups and downs! What’s important is having fun on both ups and downs and keep that smile up high through everything! 🙂

I definitely loved nadia’s answers to my questions and I can’t wait to watch her grow as a writer and a person.

Nadia’s wattpad account

Nadia’s Instagram account


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