Self-love. I am love.

I am love. Love comes from me. It filled my whole life once I realised that love comes from within and only when I learned how to love and accept myself did I love and accept everyone else. Because love is internal not external. As J found love inside me and used it in the right ways I found peace too. I realised that everything reflects love and that our souls, before being tainted by a cruel world, were and still are made of love; peel off all those layers and labels starting from what you do to what you say to your mistakes to how others see you to how you dress to where you live to your thoughts to your feelings… go on keep peeling and the layers that have been sticked on you until you find nothing but love and peace inside you, until you find nothing but the light and excitement you had as a child. Dive deep within yourself and find your soul, look at who you really are and hold on to that. You don’t have to have the answers all the time but you have to know that everything you need is already within you and all you have to do is trust that. All you have to do is look at yourself, really look at yourself. Don’t look in the mirror but look inside you where oceans collide and universes explode, look at who you really are- look at your beautiful soul. Now love and appreciate it and watch everything turn into a miracle.



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