Trust and let it be

lolololololo.jpgI do not know what the future hold but I trust. I do not know how to crush my fears but I have faith. Everything will be okay and I know and believe in that. Light will crack out of the darkness and tears of joy will replace the sobs of pain. No, it is not perfect but it is worth it. We will break down and we will heal. It is human nature and it is beautiful. We cannot change what is meant to be but we can do our best and dance through the rest. We can dance through the pains just as we can dance through the joys. Everything will figure itself out. Everything will go as planned, not your plan no, god’s plan. What’s meant to happen will happen and it can make you a better and happier person if you let it. Grow through what you go through, soak yourself in self-love and let that love radiate through everything you say and do. Whatever happens, happens. I’m just going to try to make the most of it. Look on the brighter side, there is always a brighter side even if at some point the darkness is too blinding. Our souls are in safe hands; in the hands of who made them. Trust him. And trust that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be, so grow from there.

Lately, more than any time in my life, I have been learning how to go with the flow and trust god’s plans for me. It’s definitely hard to accept that things won’t always go as I planned but I also believe that god will guide my way and his plans for me are better than mine. I always remind myself of one of my favorite verses of the quran:

‘But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.’

This whole life is an act of faith; we cannot predict the future and we can’t force things to go as we want. We can’t guarantee another day, another second, not even another breath. Everyday, as we keep going, as we keep living, hoping, trying, we are putting our faith in god. With every minute that passes and every breath that fills our lungs, he is giving us more time to live. I think it’s about time we start appreciating that. I think it’s about time we start trusting the plans that he had set for us.

Yesterday I’ve read something in a book that I absolutely loved:

‘From now on, whenever I feel depressed, I will remember that funfair. If I had fallen asleep and suddenly woken up on a roller coaster, what would I feel?

Well, I would feel trapped and sick, terrified of every bend, wanting to get off. However, if I believe that the track is my destiny and that God is in charge of the machine, then the nightmare becomes something thrilling. It becomes exactly what it is, a roller coaster, a safe, reliable toy, which will eventually stop, but, while the journey lasts, I must look at the surrounding landscape and whoop with excitement.’ 

What’s meant to be will always find its way. God has beautifully planned out your life, with the ups and downs. Trust his plan.



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