Those who left and why I appreciate them

I can’t give what I don’t have

And when some people came into my life

I gave them love and care

But I never gave any to myself

I had so much love within me

But I couldn’t face myself and learn how to love who I am

So I gave all the love within my bones to them

I waited for their love instead of giving love to myself

Day by day

They started to fade away from my life

Perhaps it was because I was too much for them

Maybe it was pressuring them

Maybe I was pressuring them

Maybe I relied on them heavily

But I’m glad they left

Thank you to every single person who was at a time the most important thing in my life

And then left

Thank you for making me feel the happiest

Then taking that away from me and making me feel worthless

Thank you for destroying the forever I thought about day and night

Because if it wasn’t for your lack of love for me,

I wouldn’t have learned how to love myself

Because if it wasn’t for you constantly avoiding me,

I wouldn’t have learned my worth

Because if it wasn’t for you leaving with no warning signs

Leaving me overthinking everything I had said and done,

I wouldn’t have learned my strength

Those people

Who have once been very important to me

And left

The people to whom I gave my all

And they couldn’t manage to reciprocate

I forgive them all

I love them all

They’re all still considered friends

But through the countless nights I had spend

Sobbing and crying my heart out

Feeling worthless

Making excuses up for them

Reminding myself of all our memories

Beating myself up about caring too much every single time they hurt me

And then forgiving them once they come back, whether they apologize or not

They all

Are good people

But I guess we’re all bad in someone’s story

And I love them so much


I learned how to live without them

I don’t care whether they stay or not anymore

For when I decided

That enough was enough

I put myself first

I no longer cared what they thought of me

No longer tried to get closer to them

No longer gave all the love I had within me to them

I found peace

I learned self love

I found people who appreciate and love me

For me

I no longer dwell on the past

I appreciate the present

I would say I’m sorry for giving you all the love I had within my ribs

Because it was not fair to put all that pressure on you

But I’m not

I’m not sorry

They say it takes someone really special to love a broken person

And at that time I was broken

And I guess you weren’t that someone

I don’t blame you tho

I just hope you’re happy

When I think of you

I no longer think of what you were to me

Or the pain you’ve caused me

I just hope you’re happy

Thank you for everything.

Hola everyone! So if you’ve been keeping up with my posts you’d know that recently I’ve been having a hard time and I’ve been learning how to trust god’s plan and look on the brighter side, and this is just me doing that and it’s also me looking back on something that hurt me a lot a few years ago and I healed and I became a better, stronger person because of it. This is me reminding you all that everything will be okay and everything will work out perfectly in the end so just trust god’s plan and live every moment of it and be grateful. ❤️



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