10 things that make me a happier person

Hello you lovely lot! So if you’ve been keeping up with my blog and instagram you may know that recently I’ve been having a hard time but thankfully I’ve learned a lot from that and I’ve tried as hard as possible to have a positive outlook on life and along the way I have discovered somethings that make me a happier person and thought, why not share them? Truly everything happens for a reason and happiness comes from within. Do not wait for a phase of your life to be over or for something to happen, yes, strive for bigger and better things, but be happy and content with what you have now. (Read Olivia’s post talking more about this here) Anyway, without further ado let’s get into the 10 things that make me a happier person and hopefully they’ll make you happier too!

P.s. this is a long one so grab a snack and get cozy 😉

1. Meditating:

Meditating is just amazing! It leaves me feeling conscious of my body’s strength and it clears my mind. I started guided meditation on ‘headspace’ which you’ve all probably heard of before, I feel like everyone who is interested in meditation knows about this app lol. When I first downloaded it I didn’t think it was that popular but turns out I was wrong! Anyway, after a while, although headspace is great and I would definitely recommend it, I started meditating on my own. I need to start doing it more regularly though.

2. Writing:

This is just the best feeling ever! When I splatter my pages with my words, I also splatter them with my feelings and thoughts. I always have something going on with me that I need to write about, sometimes it’s about my intense feelings or confused mind, other times it’s about how I think I’m on the edge of emptiness. I made it a habit to write everyday before going to sleep about how I feel, on most days I write one page. Even if I don’t feel like writing, I write anyway. Because I’m always feeling something that I need to let out. And I’m always trying to be honest with myself when I’m writing, because even though nobody will read my words unless I share them, I’m sometimes afraid of the truth to the point where I don’t want to have it in actual words in front of me. Because that just makes it real. It’s similar to when you know something is wrong but won’t admit it to yourself or anyone because you don’t want it to be your reality. Though, I found that when admitting the truth to myself, and saying/writing it exactly how it is, things start to get better. The problem is sometimes even solved on its own, just because I admitted that there was a problem. Writing just puts my heart at ease. (P.s. I was thinking of giving you all a peek into my journal, would you be interested in that?)

3. Surrounding myself with people that I love:

Being with people I love, enjoy their company, laughing and halfway realizing how much I love and appreciate them might just be one of my favourite feelings ever! It makes me feel so glad that I let go of toxic people in the past! If you’re holding on to someone toxic, let them go. You’re going to be happier, I promise. I appreciate my friends and family so much and I’m so grateful for having them in my life. No matter what is going on, one outing with my friends and I instantly feel 10x better!

4. Exercising:

Okiee sooooo.. this one I’m guilty of not doing as much as I would love to. But it’s not my fault… no I’m lying it is actually lol! I sometimes workout every single day and I eat healthy and I’m feeling good about my body and all is great… until something messes it up and I’m a couch potato all day everyday 😦  But I’m determined to get back on track! I mostly do yoga, boxing and dancing. All from home though. I want to go a professional yoga place but I’m still searching for the perfect one for me. Yoga leaves my body both relaxed, strong and makes it a little more flexible (and I’m really not flexible) as for dancing, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I grew up with a passion for dancing and I wanted to pursuit it professionally but that didn’t work. When I’m dancing, it just feels like I’m on cloud nine. I’m invincible. Especially when I have no choreography in mind and I’m just letting my body go with the music and do as it pleases. You do not want to see me dancing though. I have so much fun doing it, I feel great, but I’m also all over the place. Literally. What would describe dancing jana the best is a drunk monkey. 🙂

5. Watching positive people:

I know a lot of people say seeing others on social media having the time of their lives makes them feel bad about their own lives (which does sometimes happen to me I’m not gonna lie) but most of the time, seeing happy, successful & positive people online only makes me happier! It motivates me and makes me count my blessings. It makes me joyful and inspires me a lot to see people who have found happiness and are trying to share it with the world.

6. Praying:

If there is anything that puts my heart at ease after doing it, it’s praying. After talking to god and venting my heart out to him, asking him to guide me and to grant me my wishes, and thanking him for what he is blessing me with, I feel calm. I find comfort in knowing that I can rely on him and he will never let me down. I feel thankful.

7. Music:

Music can completely change my mood! So what I sometimes do when I’m down is listen to sad songs that I relate to, because you always have to acknowledge the feeling before you can let it go. And then once I’m over feeling bad about whatever is happening I start blasting songs that hype me up and make me feel good. That’s one case at least, other times I need to listen to sad music only and even though I’m hurting music makes it much more bearable and even enjoyable. Or I’m just feeling super good and I blast some songs that I love and I feel even better then. 🙂 (Btw I’m thinking of writing a ‘my current favs playlist’ blog post, thoughts?)

8. Reading:

I’m transformed into another world, where I relate and don’t relate to many things, I’m receiving knowledge and growing and learning about life and entertaining myself with every page, no, every sentence that passes by. What’s not to love about that? One quote I love is ‘reading can seriously damage your ignorance’

9. Staying away from social media:

Okay let’s be real here guys, I definitely waste my time on social media a lot, but I am trying to spend less time on it. It helps me a lot and makes me feel calm and happy when I stay away from social media and just spend time in the real world. It’s definitely hard that I can’t go out whenever I want and so a lot of times I’m just stuck at home and I have to entertain myself by myself but I guess it makes me productive.

10. Counting my blessings:

Every night, before I go to sleep, after writing in my journal and before reading a book (psstt would you want me to write a blog post about my night routine? and some book recommendations? hehehe) I write a few things that I’m grateful for. The things I write are often repeated but I guess it just depends on what I’m feeling grateful for at that time. This trains my mind to see the good in my life and be positive and it’s just great.

Congratulations we have reached the end of today’s blog post! Comment ‘saw it’ if you read the whole post, you’re awesome! Let’s confuse those who didn’t hehehe 😉 I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. Remember, happiness comes from within. And if you’re going through a hard time just hang in there and know that it will pass. You, and only you control your happiness.



    • Hehe thank you! XD Yayyy thank you, I’ll definitely be working on them. xx
      Definitely! First of all, welcome to the blogging community cutie! Here are two basic tips that I hope will help:
      1. Find your niche. Blog about what you’re truly passionate about, not what you think others would like to see. Whether that’s fashion, beauty, lifestyle, book blogging, sharing your poetry, etc. Blog about what makes YOU happy.
      2. Interact. Interact. Interact. The blogging community is awesome and I guarantee that interacting with other bloggers will not only bring you readers but also internet friends!
      And just have fun. These are all pretty cliche I know, but they’re cliche for a reason. Hope this helped! xx


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