Gender roles

You put labels on human beings,

Decided who we should and should not be,

Taught us from an early age

That one is pink and one is blue

Shoved toxic ideas down our throats

Deceived us when our innocence was all we owned

You worshipped the double standards

Broke us until we were in pieces

And when we were finally scattered on the floor

Too tired to fight your damaged system anymore

When we became who you spent a lifetime convincing us we were

You were still not satisfied

And I am glad you weren’t

Because now we can slowly and softly


All what you had taught us

This is not a competition

Genders are not teams

We are human beings before we are men and women

We can let go of the life choices you made for us

Long before we uttered our first words

And finally become our truest selves

Who we were always meant to be.

-gender roles || dear society



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