Women and leadership

Do not tell me I cannot reach great places because my emotions will get in the way

Do not tell me there is no place for compassion in leadership

While supposedly pitying palestine kids.

Instead of building me up you spread your arm, hand me a list, and say: here is why you cannot succeed and will not make it.

Do not tell me or the women I call sisters that we are incapable because of how we were created,

When our creator himself gave us the power to change lives.

Do not tell me that women leading countries will flaw the system..

As though the system isn’t already damaged.

Do not poison our minds and tell us men are more deserving of powerful positions,

We’ve been away from said positions for so long now,

For too long,

And look at what happened to us

Look at what happened to us when powerful females got shut down because they’re females.

Not to say that men aren’t great,

But to say that,

Look at what happened to us when only half of the world’s population got to bring what they have to the table.



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