Pick a side

There is no answer that can be found around me

For the answer is truly within me

The answer is me

And what I choose

I say I am done

But I never am

For I don’t know the whole truth

And to be constantly trying to figure it out is exhausting

It isn’t my fault that I don’t want to wonder anymore

It isn’t my fault that I prefer to be honest and straightforward

Vulnerability takes courage

And when you didn’t acknowledge that I got my answer

Go if you please

But don’t come back when you wish to

You’re either in or you’re out

I would’ve fought for you

But I guess you don’t want me to

Or maybe you just don’t want to do your part.

Pick a side,

And stay on it

For I have no time for inconsistency

And my love is no vacation

If all you do is come and go as you please,

Why would I let you in the home I call heart again?

Either clean up the mess you made

Or give me the keys and go find another place to wander

For there is a lot of work to be done

And I do not need a distraction

I do not want to constantly be hurting

And my happiness comes before your uncertainty

You’re either fully in or completely out,

So pick a side and stay on it.


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