Perfect pretenders

Empty souls and broken hearts,

Carrying our bodies through the day

Dragging our legs even when they beg to rest

Holding back the tears of the same eyes that hide secrets

The same eyes that once looked deep into the eyes of another.

Mind full of memories

Heart full of scars

Scars that have not healed yet.

Regrets, regrets, regrets,

You’ll lose your sanity at their doors

Guilt will consume you until there is nothing left of you anymore

The past haunts us no matter how hard we try to let go.

They will tell you what you already know

And you’ve been fighting for so long

Giving up crosses your mind everyday but you know it’s not an option,

Not for you anyway,

You’ve endured so much to give up now

But you’ve been fighting for so long that you have to pretend to be okay

You have to pretend like you beat your struggles

You have to gather all the strength in your body and smile and nod when tears and screams are trying to escape.



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