The light after the dark

You are alone in an empty dark space

With doors surrounding you

Behind these doors are blessings

Behind these doors are opportunities and the people you love

Behind these doors are incredible humans who you have not yet met

Behind these doors are days full of joy and moments full of love

Behind these doors are genuine laughs and smiles that are waiting to occur

Behind these doors stands your near future,

Some of the best days of your life and people who you love wholeheartedly and who love you unconditionally are waiting for you

They are waiting for you and they will keep waiting until you are ready to leave the darkness behind

They’ll wait until you conquer your demons

And all of a sudden when the darkness becomes suffocating

All the doors surrounding you will open up

And everything and everyone standing behind them will come rushing into your life

Suddenly your life will be filled with light, your days with joy, and your heart with love

Everything will soon make sense

So if you’re struggling you just have to hold on and believe that the doors surrounding you and even the ones that are invisible to you will open up and reveal wonders

And if all you did today and if all you do tomorrow is survive,

I applaud you for your strength and I hope you know you’re one step closer to the light.


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