A maze within me

There is a never-ending battle between me and myself

I’m tired of fighting but I can’t stop

My heart is empty and my soul is scarred

I’m waiting for better days to come

But I’ve been waiting for so long.

How many times do I have to break down before I can finally have peace?

I await joy to fill me up again

But every time things start to look up

My pieces are shattered again

And it all comes crashing down on me,

Memories haunt me

And O how they destroy me

I thought I was out of the darkness

But my tears are still flowing

And my mind is still overthinking

My heart has turned numb

And my soul is aching.

I’m struggling to free myself from this maze

I will survive

But how long will it take me to get to the other side?

My body shivers as unwanted thoughts make their way into my mind,

Who is this I see in the mirror

I can’t seem to recognise myself

I try to convince myself that the darkness is so consuming

Because soon the light will be intense and this time it won’t be taken away from me.

I have faith

But with every new wound on my heart I lose hope a little

Holding on is hard but letting go is harder.


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