About the blogger (a.k.a me :) )

Bonjour loves! I’m jana. A spiritual human being who loves expressing herself. I write, read, sing, and take photos. This blog is a creative outlet for me that I hope to inspire others through, on june 28, 2016 this vulnerable space was created, my writing style evolved a lot since then, I took some breaks, doubted myself, put my all into it, loved my art, disliked my art, and learned how to become the rawest version of myself on here. I’m a very controversial person who loves debating and challenging her mind, I loveee hearing theories about almost everything and anything… until they start getting freaky. I breathe art and I’m a veryyy emotional person. I also love analyzing people’s behavior and trying to figure out how they think and what they feel. Most people who know me know that I’m a feminist and I’m very outspoken about it. I try to educate people & myself and stand up for humanity and equality as much as I can. I believe that it’s my responsibility as someone who is capable of standing up for human rights to do so because silence causes violence. “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” As frightening as it can be sometimes, I love being open & vulnerable. oooooo forgot to mention, I’m a Libra; an air sign.

Sending lots of love your way